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About us
Law Asia:

  • Is an international law firm set up in Asia, with its headquarters in Singapore, Asia’s gateway city;
  • Provides legal expertise and international reach for Asian clients looking to Europe and for non-Asian clients entering Asia;
  • Has an alliance of associated offices (“Law Asia Alliance”) in Bangalore, Bangkok, Brunei, Chennai, Colombo, Dhaka, Jakarta, London, Mumbai, New Delhi, Phnom Penh, Vientiane and Yangon, staffed by leading local lawyers in each market who together with Law Asia provide clients with a one-stop bespoke international quality service with a common standard, service delivery, responsiveness and capability;
  • Benefits from the advice, guidance and goodwill of a distinguished International Advisory Council comprising business and academic leaders.

Our Logo

We chose a lion for our logo as this represents Singapore, which is known as the Lion City, where we have our Law Asia headquarters. The lion also symbolises strength, courage, steadfastness and resilience.

On a more personal note, Paul Supramaniam, the founder of Law Asia, is a Singaporean, of Ceylonese descent and was born in the United Kingdom; both Sri Lanka and Britain also use a lion as a national emblem and both are key players in the Law Asia Alliance. The subtle contour of the lion’s tail and the outline of its back leg form the shape of the initials ‘PS’ for Paul Supramaniam. The subtlety is intentional as Law Asia is not meant to be about one person.

The negative space between the lion’s legs forms the shape of a mouse. As a creature, the mouse goes quietly about its work without others noticing, it is known for its diligence and ability to work through the night – attributes of Law Asia.

In the logo, the mouse and the lion are looking in different directions, thus representing varied perspectives and multiple opportunities. They also represent the collaboration of diverse skills and talents. Law Asia is a team where each member brings special qualities, thereby enhancing the strength of the firm and the Alliance as a whole. The symbolism of the lion and the mouse is borrowed from one of Aesop’s fables where an agile mouse rescues a powerful lion.

In Asia, particularly in Chinese cultures, the colour red is often seen as a symbol of vitality and good fortune, both of these we wish for all our clients.
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