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A truly Pan-Asian service delivery platform
Our Alliance
The Law Asia Alliance has a commitment to closing the “last mile gap” of service offering between what local firms offer and what international firms offer; it is an Asian alternative to the global firms.

Law Asia Alliance is headquartered in Singapore, with members also in:

Bangalore, Bangkok, Brunei, Chennai, Colombo, Dhaka, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, London, Mumbai, New Delhi, Phnom Penh, Vientiane, Yangon

What is the Law Asia Alliance and what does it represent?

  • An Asian Alliance of “best of breed” transactional lawyers in each Asian financial centre, a true Alliance of like-minded equals;
  • Each member is a leading player in their respective market;
  • Each member of the Law Asia Alliance is committed to playing its part in creating a truly Pan-Asian service delivery platform;
  • The Law Asia Alliance Business model focuses on a seamless Pan-Asian legal service catering to international and local clients encompassing the best of international experience and responsiveness combined with leading local knowledge and experience, at a pricing level that is more attractive than that of international firms;
  • Each member shares the Law Asia Alliance common core values of quality /service standards, and responsiveness to client feedback;
  • The Law Asia Alliance network ensures that the varied and specific needs and expectations of individual clients will be fully met;
  • The Law Asia Alliance approach is transformational, thoughtful and above all flexible, with cross-staffing of transactions, and an active secondment and training programme between members.
alliance map
Singapore • Bangalore • Bangkok • Brunei • Chennai • Colombo • Ho Chi Minh City • Jakarta • London • Mumbai • New Delhi • Phnom Penh
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