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Strong belief in calibrated service, feedback and performance review after each matter to ensure client satisfaction.
Our services
  • We focus on servicing MNCs, Private Equity Funds, Private Sector and Governmental clients for high-end corporate finance, cross border M&A, privatisations, funds establishment, commercial advisory and arbitration work.
  • Law Asia has been established to fill a market need for a firm with rooted local knowledge in key Asian markets operating to international standards of quality, service and experience.
  • We provide a true “Counsellor” role, building long term relationships with clients; understanding their business and aspirations and thereby adding not just transactional but also commercial value as a trusted advisor.
  • We act with the utmost integrity, confidentiality, reliability and mature judgment; with a team comprising of academically strong lawyers possessing an international perspective, EQ and sophistication.
  • We fill the gap between the segmented market of international firms and local law firms by offering a quality service of international standard across Asia by working alongside top local firms with Paul (an experienced international player,) leading the service offering in a manner international clients are familiar with, and offered at a mid-market fee rate.
  • We have a strong international reach, providing one stop regional client coverage and a strong quality expertise in Asian frontier and emerging markets.
  • Law Asia's tagline is "Local Yet Global" reflecting the firm's international quality and creativity together with personalised service and good local knowledge and insights.
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